The programme that regulates the building’s sounds

October-November Chris Weaver and I have been preparing for the yearly festival (roaming cities since 1988 in The Netherlands) the International Symposium of Electronic Arts, coming to the United Arab Emirates, 1st-8th November 2014.

install a sound piece that relies entirely on architecture to
shape the resultant sounds. For this we have also worked closely with a group of Emirates-based architects and engineers for over 2 months now
towards a performative and collaborative aspect of the installation. The untrained choir will sing back to the building as it rings through its own frequencies.
Nov 2nd performance, 8.45pm is a major contribution to ISEA2014. 
Meydan Beach Resort during the day, facing the sea

Nov 8th, 4.30pm we take part in the arts festival QUOZHappens, in the hub
of gallery spaces located in Dubai’s industrial district, Al Quoz.

November 3rd, for the academic symposium that is ISEA2014, I give a paper Audible Phenomena in the Everyday, with a panel afterwards at the Zayed University Conference Center, Dubai. Chris and I will also run a one day workshop at the Zayed University on building crackleboxes, November 5th.

November 5th I’ll be DJing at the Meydan Beach Resort, 9-2am for the ISEA2014 dance party.