Sound Installation and Experimental Architect’s Choir

Eyemasks for the audience during Variations for Rooms and a Tone, ISEA 2014, Dubai.

Below image is of a 140-strong audience experiencing our live choir performance this November for the International Symposium of Electronic Art, Dubai 2014. The audience were faced with and surrounded by an experimental (feral) choir of architects, engineers and planners. The choir used their bodies and voices to explore the space and respond to the rolling, changing tones of the architecture as it resonated its own frequencies.

To hear what the sound installation and choir sounded like, here’s a snippet from a devising session in August.

Chris Weaver and I will produce a video installation of the sound and “experience” of the performance in the next months. Watch this space!

Most of our previous updates from Chris Weaver and my year’s residency at Tashkeel, here in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, have been on the Guest Artist Blog. Updates involved recordings of sand dunes in the Empty Quarter, images from a plethora of locations we visited over a
month spent hunting a space to install and perform Variations for Rooms and a Tone, or audio recorded and edited by Emirati kids and youth during arts-radio workshops we ran.

The below performances of Variations for Rooms and a Tone, now in its 4th iteration, took place at Gallery Ward, Al Quoz, once for ISEA2014 and once for Al Quoz Arts Festival, and was supported by Tashkeel, where Chris Weaver and I are currently artists in residence.