The Wire Magazine Review – “I Will Greet the Sun Again”

Back in January 2023, on the 17th, we brought the issue of the Iran Revolution to into the realms of music and experimental sound. and the UK’s leading experimental music magazine, The Wire’s Clive Bell was there to review. Art Terry, Omid Amir Larijani and I addressed the loss, the violence and the spiritual aspect of the risky protests and solidarity since October, despite the evils inflicted on the population by the regime. I had had these wings for some time and brought them out to “fly over Tehran” as picked up on by Bell in his article. I am not a singer but I feel it has to be done this way, and we will not stop until this is over and the citizens of Iran are free from corruption, oppression and systemic failure. Other songs performed were “God is A Woman”, by Afsheen, “The Visitor’s Book”, by myself and my adaptationof the Scottish ballad “Black is the Colour”.

March Issue Cover