Circular Landscapes Live in Surround Sound

This Hawksmoor church in Greenwich village played an excellent acoustic host for our live sound performance, Chris Weaver and I played a surround sound set alongside the best artists on experimental music label Linear Obsessional. Greenwich University set up a perfect surround sound system over two floors in this huge and epic space.

We played an electro-acoustic set of recordings and live sounds, these are from our immersive recording project in the Sharjah desert in United Arab Emirates; a phenomenological piece called Circular Landscapes. The piece is improvised with a mostly set palette of sound. The audience were attentive listeners, and included two children (which was astounding!). There is a binaural recording of the performance with Goldsmiths, who were a great team!

Circular Landscapes was recorded in the Mleiha desert, where the first humans came out of Africa (challenging the original Out of Africa theory). We recorded in caves, along electrical cable lines, in the middle of the sand and on top of rocky mountain tops. We recorded wildlife, and stories of the desert once a green plain, once under the ocean, once a palace.