We’ve a track out this week which announces our forthcoming album release. The track is on the compilation Below the Radar 15, created by The Wire magazine for their subscribers.

Below the Radar reflects recent Wire content, in the last issue of which our live gig for Resonance104.4FM at the Merge Festival was reviewed.

We chose track Abscission #1 from the new album, recorded in France with producer Bob Drake. It’s exemplary of the work we did across the album, though of course doesn’t represent the entire range of sounds on the album. For Abscission #1 we employed electro-magnetic manipulations, found objects and bespoke instruments created by Oscillatorial Binnage member Dan Wilson. The instruments, which are as yet unnamed, feature reappropriated woks, industrial springs, magnets and other sundry objects. Driving down to South coast of France, with all the bags and suitcases and what looked like collected retro bric-a-brac, we might have been the strangest cargo on the entire ferry!

Below the Radar download is complied by Wire writers and staff and is available four times a year to their mostly loyal subscribers. The Wire launched in 1982 and now has close to cult status as an opinion maker in sound, performance and cutting edge music.

Other featured bands as Alok, John Chantler, Kazuo Imai, These Feathers Have Plumes, Radiant Husk and more.


You can hear the tracks here on Bandcamp.