Six Pillars to Persia

It’s starting earlier than I thought. Thursdays 3.30 from 27th

More I learn the bigger the subject pans out to be….

Have you ever noticed how deeply work deprives you of your own life? Money, though a great compensation, doesn’t really fill the gap. I got excited when my break was 20m minutes instead of 15 the other day. I felt so ridiculous afterwards…
I have been reading the most excellent book: Reading Lolita in Tehran by Azar Nafisi. If you get a chance take a copy home with you. It is a world for writers and readers and gives a most valuable insight to an otherwise impentrable existance, parallel to our own.

It is autumn and the otherwise dross pavement has become scrunchy and the overhead trees full of promise. We look forwar to burning horizons in flame, orange glow and earthly browns.

Read me later.