Before a holyday

I cant see this, the future. So now will have to do. We have got to play a wireless desk. That’s how I feel, like a central control with no tangible, visible links.

Will nature help me/us kick start ourselves out of ‘the blue’ period of disenchanment?

Note: when returning from the country city dwellers need a virtual suit of armour. That would be: PMA, detachment, balance in all things and mostly a sense of humour.

I’ll write a good account of Bestival, befoer the Thames one. THere are some other things going on that seem full of promise – my short and pokey little film sceens in a professional cinema in late Sept and I’m moving a little south…..I’ll be able to cook ginger and garlic there. We may even have a vegan bbq with cocktails for our fine and dandy “hi-bye” friends.