Arts Activism

Success Whitewashes, 2017. Fari Bradley. Cotton, found frame, embroidery thread

Increasingly my work became activism and moved onto the street or became content on platforms such as FM radio broadcast and web streaming. Transferable ideals on world-making and protest:

  • WOMAN, LIFE, FREEDOM – The movement for universal rights coming out of Iran.
  • NATURE’S RIGHT TO THRIVE – anti-corruption, research into alternative models.
  • NO PROPAGANDA, NO WAR – anti-arms industry and the dictatorial regimes that uphold it, and violate universal human rights. This branch of my activism involves the examination of “information” dissemination and my own journalism studies in the new areas of social media hacking and censorship workarounds.

Methodologies include textile banners, wearables, broadcast, open calls for collaboration, media production, collaboration and hacking, activism conferences and street protest.