Venice Agendas

Venice Agendas commissioned several radio pieces from me on the subject of Art and the Market: What is the Value of Art?

Exploring the impact of the art market on the territory that artists, institutions, curators and writers have to navigate. For a visual of my Venice, see the images below.

I interviewed:

  • Larissa Sansour. The Palestinian artist whose solo project at the Danish Pavilion is sci-fi dystopian film in Arabic;  with ‘Heirloom’.
  • Marie-Anne McQuay. The Wales in Venice curator about the live radio feed from Wales to Venice each day by the artist’s grandmother; by Welsh artist Sean Edwards: ‘Undo Things Done’.
  • Zahra Khan. The curator of Pakistan’s first pavilion, on the installation and works by artist Naiza Khan for ‘Manora Field Notes’.
  • Pedro Azara. Curator of the stateless pavilion of Catalonia, with Cataloniam actor/ artist Marcel Borràs‘ piece ‘Lose Your Head, (Idols)’.
  • Louise O’Kelly. Performance festival Block Universe’s founding director on artist Indrė Šerpytytė’s musical intervention ‘Territorial Symphonies.
  • Gantuya Badamgarav. Mongolia in Venice’s curator, an installation and performance with Carsten Nicolai as Alva Noto bringing 4 members of the Mongolian National Choir.
  •  Jantse. Mongolian artist of the Mongolian pavilion, with his show and performance above: ‘A Temporality’,
  • Carl Michael von Hausswolff and vocalist Jónsi. As a duo Dark Morph are the Scandinavian avant garde composer and musician and vocalist of Sigur Rós on their installation and vinyl release/ performance of ‘The So(ng)qe/Tovuto Kyrrahafið Sound Field’ at ‘The Ocean Space’  by UK’s TBA21–Academy.

Others commissioned for the Venice Biennial Art and the Market project were Sacha Craddock, Jean Wainwright,  Sonia Boyce, Graham Fagen, Anthony Gross, Tony Heaton, Jannette Paris, Kieth Piper, David Shrigley, and the Islington Mill Arts Academy.

Venice Agendas will podcast a compendium of random answers to the main question on Art and the Market, in the meantime I broadcast several of the interviews in full on my weekly show Six Pillars on arts-radio station Resonance104.4FM, which in London, heard on air through a traditional radio transmitter on 104.4FM, on digital radio, and elsewhere, online.