This month as part of our residency at Tashkeel, Chris Weaver and I have put together four nights of film excerpts, listening exercises, guest speakers and discussions on sound art here at the gallery. On the final night we’ll give a performance of a work in progress, by a small, experimental choir of architects and other professionals who work with buildings in construction and design roles.

While we’ve been posting most of our news on the Tashkeel Guest Artist’s Blog and our own Facebook and Twitter feeds, there’s still a place here on this website to think over what we are presenting.

There is interest in exploring sound art here, we keep meeting people who belong to isolated pockets of culture, a drone scene, sound artists who only show abroad or experimental musicians who keep their music mainstream because that’s all the audience are interested in. Hopefully these four evenings will galvanise an amount of networking between them as well as kick start a discussion that has been going on, but at a very low volume until now. Our programme featured in today’s National UAE, which has a reach of over 65,000 daily readers!


You can hear the tracks here on Bandcamp.