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WTBTN Review Wire, 2005

Well the sound quartet I’m in – Oscillatorial Binnage – finally did something that’s reviewed in Wire(1). Although having Djd at the
Daphne Oram Salon at Cafe Oto, playing files so raw that I’d to cut them up myself, I did feel already behind the scenes. Plus I gifted them a baby office plant once at an
Xmas do as well, what was that about? Does Tony remember any of us?  No. Who can blame him, and that is probably not even his name.
Before the Oram salon, in 2005 Women Take Back the Noise, a CD release I’d a few tracks on was reviewed in the mag. It was so long ago that all my memories of the trip to California to play the launch seem like those infantile recollections that make life seem as if ‘back then’, life was just one long holiday. Perhaps I was still a kid then. Perhaps that is just the nature of looking back.

Another electric Wire-related moment in time was the Resonance Radio Orchestra performing at The Wire Salon at the Arts Theatre,
Soho in 2007. It was a dark and intimate spot, as you can see below in
the video

Current Wire issue, featuring Oscillatorial

 uploaded just yesterday (!) to mark the day.

As a side note,
digital file keeping has to be worse than those hefty, dismal-looking
filing cabinets that came to define 80s and 90s office space.  At least they didn’t send you blind, and they had their own acoustic qualities that remain burned into the memory.

Here’s the video of part of that event, it is to my chagrin that the battery ran out before whoever was filming (Toby I think from Oscillatorial Binnage) could capture the whole event, but somewhere at home I do have the piece where Xper .Xp reads a found piece of paper given him by Ed Baxter and turns it into the most arresting account that somehow includes mention of Micheal Jackson on a beach. The harmonium I’m playing is one I carried from India to Ireland, and had to leave on the street as I sought out a public phone from which to call my new contacts in Ireland (pre-mobile phones).
 And below, the actual performance at Kirkaldy Testing Museum, and the review. Finally!

Resonance Radio Ochestra – WIRE XXV at Fari Bradley

1) Oscillatorial Binnage have performed live improv everywhere from Tate Modern to The Wellcome Trust and run workshops in several countries, and with Circuit guru Nicholas Collins. We are defined as noise and by our hand made instruments – both electro-acoustic and downright bizarre, mostly created from found or everyday objects.

Wire Magazine is a long running and established magazine specialising in sonic arts and experimental music reviews. It is regarded as a standard in the improv circles and they broadcast a weekly show on UK’s art music radio station Resonance104.4FM

Music at Breaking Point : ResonanceFM from 3 Trousers on Vimeo.