One Night with Rostam, View Until Saturday

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One Night with Rostam
The Studio
5, Upper Wimpole St
Exhibits Dec 7th – 11th
By Appointment (drop-in Sat 12-6pm)
Afsoon, Neda Dan-Haeri, Farnaz, Yassi Golshani
Four female Iranian artists of varying disciplines show works from sound sculpture to collage especially created for the show One Night with Rostam. The pieces are inspired by the Iranian national epic: the Book of Kings, or Shahnameh.
2010 marks the 1000 year anniversary of the completion of The Book of Kings by Iranian poet Ferdowsi, whose work compiling the book solidified Persian as the language of the courts at a time when it was in danger of being subsumed by Arabic.
The significance of this epic and secular poem The Book of Kings is deeper still, as even today many Iranians – from the illiterate to members of government – can and do quote versus of the book by heart and it is at the heart of Iranian national identity.
Web flyer, artists bios, photo samples of work and web-links provided. High resolution images are available on request.
An Iranian artist, Afsoon’s work involves several layers, at times she combines text with images. She creates different pastiches with techniques such as linocasts, photography, collage and etching. The result is a rich yet often playful and humorous tableau in which the audience is able to engage and interpret in its own way.
One Night With Rostam – Afsoon
Neda Dana-Haeri
In her stark, deceptively simple paintings, Iranian-born artist Neda Dana-Haeri is inspired by both Persian poetry and Sufi philosophy, exploring concepts of cultural memory. Neda’s nearly monochromatic palette harmoniously balances utterances of white light that pierce through. This series is inspired by Shahnameh (Book of Kings).

An Iranian artist working in sound, her sculptures are inspired by a love of nature, and an interest in hand-made electronics. Using leather, cloth, wood, feathers and copper her work can involve anything from burning paper to sculpting wire. Her sound pieces encased in the sculptures either play continually or are motion sensitive. She has composed for Frieze Projects, CD releases, film and radio.
Tahmineh’s Fancy, By Farnaz – sound sculpture
Yassi Golshani
Yassi paints and creates different objects in “papier mache” using Iranian newspapers. She also produces video installations. Her work is being influenced by events in her country of origin Iran. She has chosen to explore the theme of dual culture, multiculturalism and the issue of the veil which is obligatory for women in Iran.
Beyond Black There is No Colour