Omid Djalili’s Film ‘The Infidel’ and A Fluid Piano with Fluid Santoor Performance

Omid’s new film The Infidel, is a farcical comedy about a muslim who finds out he was born a jew, written by David Baddiel. While I enjoyed the film I found it too hammy for me personally. However the topics it tickles out in the story line (religious and cultural stereotypes, identity versus peer pressure, the power of religion and it’s alignment with marketing) remain overlooked by mainstream arts, so we should applaud those that address them in this day and age. Anyway, there’s something about that man… I love watching and listening to him.

On Saturday we’ll be going to hear the world’s first fluid piano. With one performance only at Southbank Centre this Saturday night, I’m cherishing the idea of this performance with a fluid dulcimer (played by Geoff Smith, the inventor of the piano), not least because the lovely Ramin Zoufonoun has flown over for this performance to play piano.

For tickets and more info click HERE