Improvisation, composition, radiophonic and electronic works.

I perform about once every month or two, follow Instagram for news or X.

Instruments and expanded noise-making mediums:

Harmonium – Electronic keyboard-

Piano – One string harp –

Home-made electronics and circuitry

Laptop: live soundscapes and live music production

Live atmospheric sounds


Household and found objects


Field recording for composition


Radiophonic works, spoken word and song – Classical Indian vocals – Laptop and vinyl for experimental Dj sets – Sound Design for film and radio.

Composer -selected past works

2024 – Edinburgh International Festival, and Cambridge University, Heong Gallery: “The Girl Still Standing”, soundscape and Iranian feminist poetry.

The Resonancefm Radio Orchestra, London Architecture Week, Jellyish Theatre.

Radiophonics live on air, and Parstronix graphic scores on Six Pillars to Persia radio show, Resonance 104.4fm, Peckham Levels, Parasol Unit, 100 Years Gallery and more.

Live laptop performances: e.g. Glastonbury, The Thames Festival, Bestival, The Barbican

Solo performance of Sonic Art or Music:

Cafe Oto, Ilkecktik, Edinburgh International Festival, Scaledown, Club integral, Non-Classical /

MusiCity, London Mela.


First Last Festival, London Musicians Collective, Cafe Oto – The Wire Magazine XXV Birthday, The Resonance Radio Orchestra. Art’s Theatre, Soho – Bestival, Isle of Wight, Exit Festival Novi Sad, Share – Radio Beirut etc.

Radiophonic Performance with the Resonancefm Radio Orchestra:

Live performance at Felix Machines, Gasworks Gallery, Vauxhall – Soundscape for “An Attempted Brunch” Stroud Valley Art Space – Live radio performance Dr Jekyl and Hyde Resonancefm – From Atoms to Patterns, The Wellcome Trust, London – The Wire Magazine XXV Birthday series, Art’s Theatre, Soho