Magazine Article on ‘The Far Becomes Near’

Episode 4 – ‘Listening on the move’ spring from research into the mobility of radio and changing listening habits.

The forthcoming Sharjah issue of Brownbook Magazine features an article I penned on my joint radio artwork ‘The Far Becomes Near‘.

These four broadcast experiments are the results of research with Christopher Weaver on our artist’s residency with the Sharjah Art Foundation on the early history of radio in the UAE. Completed in in the Emirate of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates, in summer 2016 we changed the format of each episode to posit a new listening context:

When the Iron Speaks – An audio archival transmission from the future. Beamed to the present day as an artifact from a future database.

The Box in the Majlis – an imaginary present-day audio tour for the blind and partially sighted, guiding museum visitors around a room in the exhibition, ‘The Box in the Majilis’.

The Confidential Briefing – is a cassette tape, handed to you in 1978, a member of the British diplomatic core, as you board a chartered jumbo jet for the emirate of Sharjah in the UAE

Listening on the Move – how has radio listening changed over time with the proliferation of listening platforms, car radios and of streaming ‘stations’?  Conversations with local broadcasters of different disciplines, academics and media commentators ask about past and present day listening and broadcast practices, gender and minority balances and changing technologies.