When we walk, we trace land lines traced by those who came before us. How much of what we hear and feel is the same as it was then, and….

Can our senses open a door in time?

MONA FOMA 2018 – On this sound walk, the XYL (radio script for ‘Ex-Young Lady’, or ‘wife’) are 13 female radiophonic artists combining 13 works for a 13km walk. The walkers carry radio sets as they pick up audio from 13 points marked with bespoke transmitters, along the Intercity Cycleway between Hobart and the Museum of New Art (MONA). What appealed to me most was the threading of local transmitters, people relaying the signal between homes, and the fact that cars passing would also pick up the signal.

My piece is a narrative fable forged around the character Trowunna who lives on the Witch Islands before written history, surrounded by the sounds of birds and elements native to the landscape.

Sisters Akousmatika, featuring Felicia Atkinson, Fari Bradley, Nina Buchanan, Dinahbird, Camilla Hannan, Joyce Hinterding, Miyuki Jokiranta, Ripley Kavara, Dani Kirby, Lisa Lerkenfeldt, Linda Persson, Lucreccia Quintanilla and Tricky Walsh.

Edith Sauvage made this stunning transmitter to carry my audio piece.

The prototype of the transmitter in stretch of the walk.

I call it “feral transmitter”

People pick up a portable radio set to make the 13km walk

The sound walk and transmitter points

My ‘visit’


You can hear the tracks here on Bandcamp.