This Week’s Free Lab Radio – Mix by Fari B

Complex movement. 

Sound generation. Kinesiology. Meaningful gesturing. Rhythmic synchronisation. Wordlessly communication. Brain synchrony. Rehabilitation and therapy. the magic of mutual gaze.

Dance is a Neuroscience

A mix by Fari B of the most sonically intriguing dance tunes in this
year’s playlist, plus new Nov-Dec releases. Moving through genres and sub-genres from 8-bit to
Neurostep, it’s a selection to end 2015 with.

Dance is a marriage of the representational capacity of language and the rhythmicity of music. Even though dance is a fundamental form of human expression,
neuroscientists have given it relatively little consideration. The past decade,
however, researchers have conducted the first brain-imaging studies of
both amateur and professional dancers. These investigations address such
questions as, How do dancers navigate though space? How do they pace
their steps? How do people learn complex series of patterned movements? 1)

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