“Anyone who is really homeless regards the habit of seeing estrangement in everything modern as an affection, a display of modish attitudes. Clutching difference like a weapon to be used with stiffened will, the exile jealously insists on his or her right to refuse to belong.” 

 Edward Said, Reflections on Exile, 1984

This week Chris Weaver and I begin a new monthly series HEARwHERE on Clocktower Radio, New York.

Sourced during our travels, the series examines that sense of suspended place and identity one feels when transitioning a mixture of time zones, private/public spaces and geographies. For HEARwHERE we explore the creative possibilities of radio, for example in Episode 1 the narrative transitions through histories and years as well. In this first episode we juxtapose recordings made this year in Tunis with previously unheard recordings of Tunisia before the fall of Ben Ali we made in 2011, while exploring fishing villages many miles south of the usual tourist trails.

Clocktower Radio is a part of art project Clocktower, the oldest alternative art project in New York. It was begun in 1972 in Lower Manhattan by MoMA PS1 founder Alanna Heiss and the radio launched in 2003, just one year after London’s Resonance104.4FM.


You can hear the tracks here on Bandcamp.