Venice Agendas

Venice Agendas commissioned several radio pieces from me on the subject of Art and the Market: What[…]

BBCR4 Extra Broadcasts ‘When the Far Becomes Near’

Chris Weaver and my experimental audio documentary on radio history in the United Arab Emirates goes out[…]

XYL at Mona Foma, Tasmania

When we walk, we trace land lines traced by those who came before us. How much of[…]

Venice Pavilion That Contains Neither Artists, Nor Art?

2017 Tunisian pavilion curator at Venice, Lina Lazaar explains her thinking behind a phantom art show, in[…]

How do You Fealh? Lying Fallow for a Season.

Question: Is an artist a machine? fal·low (făl′ō) adj. fal′low·ness n. To rest is to gather energy[…]

This Week’s Free Lab Radio – Mix by Fari B

Complex movement.  Sound generation. Kinesiology. Meaningful gesturing. Rhythmic synchronisation. Wordlessly communication. Brain synchrony. Rehabilitation and therapy. the[…]

This Week’s Free Lab Radio – Mix by Fari B on ResonanceFM

This week’s Free Lab Radio features Nomine, Om Unit, Robbie Hardkiss Aksak Maboul (Belgian avant-rock band founded[…]

New Radio Series – ClockTower Radio

“Anyone who is really homeless regards the habit of seeing estrangement in everything modern as an affection,[…]

Broadcasting from JAOU Tunis

Ahead of the May festival and symposium JAOU Tunis 28-31 May 2015 two preview podcasts detailing the[…]