This Week’s Free Lab Radio – Mix by Fari B

Complex movement.  Sound generation. Kinesiology. Meaningful gesturing. Rhythmic synchronisation. Wordlessly communication. Brain synchrony. Rehabilitation and therapy. the[…]

LED Translation – my latest audio track

Here’s a reworking of artist Haroon Mirza’s series of raw sounds, produced from his latest solo exhibition[…]

My Latest Track on Radio Panik 105.5FM Brussels

Thanks to the experimental live mixers on L’ETRANGER (The Stranger) for including my track Satellite Jamming, a[…]

Audio audio audio

Producing a radio show is not enough anymore you are required by the hungry minds of the[…]

Free Lab Radio – Sat Nights on Resonance 104.4FM

Free Lab Radio A new project by myself and Christopher Weaver: Free Lab Radio on Sat nights,[…]

FREE LAB RADIO TONIGHT – An Exit Special + Chris Weaver Solo

Following on from a performance at Serbia’s Exit Festival, Free Lab Radio brings you a mix from[…]

Arts for Human Rights – ABOUT DISPLACEMENT

Art tells stories. Art crosses boundaries. Art can inspire action. Free FESTIVAL ARTS 4 HUMAN RIGHTS  8-15[…]