Sculpture, installation, online release, field recording and improv performance and composition

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An Ear to the Wild – Six permanent sound installations at the Al Heffayeh Wildlife Centre, Kalba Mountains, Sharjah, by Bradley-Weaver

Tahmineh’s Fancy

Hand activated sound piece, Tahmineh’s Fancy, examining female desire in classical Persian literature.

Exhibited as part of the Gone With the Wind exhibition, at Raven Row, London 2010, and Contemporary Shahnameh at the Prince’s Foundation, Shoreditch, London 2010.

Tahmineh’s Fancy, 2010. Copper telephone cable, red suede, cotton and ribbon. Motion-sensitive electronics.
Tahmineh’s Fancy, 2010. Copper telephone cable, red suede, cotton and ribbon. Motion-sensitive electronics.



Online and physical release and performance

Systems for a Score

Vinyl Factory artist’s limited edition record, made live in the gallery space in collaborations with local musicians and artists, in the below recording studio (A Model Studio) built by the artists.

A Bow for Your Harp, 2015. Sculpted and Dyed Acacia Wood, Guitar Strings, Pegs.


An Unmuted Serving

Live electro-acoustic performance with Christopher John Weaver on Indian and Pakistani tupperware. Performed at The Mine – Dubai, Malja – Bahrain, ReUse Festival – Kuwait, Beirut Arts Centre – Lebanon.

The prevalence of these simple steel dishes and cups in the UAE is indicative of the established sub-cultures that thrive around the Gulf. With much in common it was once uniformly the norm in West Asian culture to sit on a carpet and eat. In the Emirates now however, the table has become the most ubiquitous form of family dining. The stocking of these dishes we perform with live and electronically are indicative of being in a working class area, and we improvise live exploring their sonic qualities against a video work, and end with an Indian Raga to Sri Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of home-life and well being.


Resonance Radio Orchestra

Various performances and commissioned compositions: Gasworks, London Architecture Biennial, Southbank Centre and more

Resonance Radio Ochestra – WIRE XXV from Fari Bradley

The Resonance Radio Orchestra Beaconsfield Gallery London November 2009 from fugueur.

London Mela Commission #2

Camera Obscura – Mela Commission from Fari Bradley on Vimeo.




Talks, online release, broadcast


Online Release –  Field Recording Remix in Sound Mapping Project

Cities and Memory interactive sound map, features my Piazzo San Carlo, Turin  piece.

Close to Karachi

A month’s residency at Habib University, Karachi, Pakistan with Lahore Biennial Foundation. Talks at London College of Communication, the Stuart Hall Library (Iniva) and American University in Dubai.

Photo: Fari Bradley, Karachi 2015

Also online at Clocktower Radio, NYC: Karachistan
And on air, on digital and online at Resonance104.4fm, UK: A Karachi Phonology.