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Noise of the Middle East Residency – Abu Dhabi

With a live performance tomorrow: Boikutt from Palestine, Yara Mekawei from Egypt and Mutamassik from Italy/Egypt on Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi, capital emirate of the United Arab Emirates. Here’s a preview interview I did with Time Out Abu Dhabi for the festival which includes a residency of exchange with the[…]

Solo Exhibition Opens Tomorrow, London

Close to Karachi – an exhibition of new work by Fari Bradley and Chris Weaver, featuring sound, sculpture, print and found objects. The works are responses by the artists to a month’s residency in Pakistan’s only port, the world’s second most populous city. For their research the artists visited workshops[…]

The Art of Nuisance: Residency and Group Show Oct 8th

With Miss Pokeno’s mask and the instrument of nuisance The art of joyful disobedience! After working in Southwark for the ‘Regeneration’ Department around 2006, I was disillusioned by local councils and their demonstrations of ‘local good will’ while gentrifying areas in the name of profit. So it was great to[…]

New Radio Series – ClockTower Radio

“Anyone who is really homeless regards the habit of seeing estrangement in everything modern as an affection, a display of modish attitudes. Clutching difference like a weapon to be used with stiffened will, the exile jealously insists on his or her right to refuse to belong.”   Edward Said, Reflections on[…]

A Model Studio at The Maraya Arts Centre, Sharjah UAE

Our installation A Model Studio has been installed at The Maraya Art Centre, Sharjah, UAE.   This is the studio in which Chris Weaver and I created the audio for a limited edition vinyl record made in the UAE.  The studio itself is decorated with imagery inspired by hacked Atari coding,[…]

Broadcasting from JAOU Tunis

Ahead of the May festival and symposium JAOU Tunis 28-31 May 2015 two preview podcasts detailing the need for – and the intent of – such a gathering are online below. More conversations made on the ground at the Symposium are set to be broadcast on air at UK’s art-music[…]

The Wire Adventures in Sound – Art in the UAE

After a year here, and this our third project in UAE, we had something to say about sound art in this Middle Eastern, or if you prefer, West Asian, Gulf country. Get The Wire, the world’s leading voice in sound art and experimental music here. Get the vinyl album, recorded[…]