We Are Iran

It was GOOOD. I knew Nasrin Allavi would be an animated and heartfelt speaker.Here is Nasrin’s book:[…]

(Post Title)

I Imagine My Death on A Bus Grunting in disagreementShe pulls against the glass that fractures yet[…]

Old School

How can a shared reality that is really a fiction bring so many people together?It might be[…]

Six Pillars to Persia

It’s starting earlier than I thought. Thursdays 3.30 from 27th www.resonancefm.com More I learn the bigger the[…]

Before a holyday

I cant see this, the future. So now will have to do. We have got to play[…]

Fed up

Oh, griping jealous one Empty-hearted but for hate and implosive need, Your hideous scratching infiltrates and, Echoes[…]

Ahhh, a virtual stopping point….

Very good it is too! Thanks to Tom the ambluance worker who I’ve never met, but who[…]

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