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Six Pillars to Persia

It’s starting earlier than I thought. Thursdays 3.30 from 27th More I learn the bigger the subject pans out to be…. Have you ever noticed how deeply work deprives you of your own life? Money, though a great compensation, doesn’t really fill the gap. I got excited when my[…]

Before a holyday

I cant see this, the future. So now will have to do. We have got to play a wireless desk. That’s how I feel, like a central control with no tangible, visible links. Will nature help me/us kick start ourselves out of ‘the blue’ period of disenchanment? Note: when returning[…]

Fed up

Oh, griping jealous one Empty-hearted but for hate and implosive need, Your hideous scratching infiltrates and, Echoes in the void of your tin-pan days And I listen, knowing It is doomed for you – ‘Schoolboy fixation’, ‘Oddity sensation’. No one at a party You never invited anyone to anyway Self-obsessed[…]

Ahhh, a virtual stopping point….

Very good it is too! Thanks to Tom the ambluance worker who I’ve never met, but who reccomended this. When I start worrying about other people’s welfare, which I mostly do, I think: greater things have beeen done with less fuss. At what age had Alexander led his men across[…]