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I Imagine My Death on A Bus Grunting in disagreementShe pulls against the glass that fractures yet further.And falls, slow in unbelievable agony.Pieces in blood glistenLike landing lights on an airstripAnd sounds of approaching sirensEchoe her own engine, in alarm,In ill-prepared submission, andSlowly shutting down. More poems (and conversations –[…]

Old School

How can a shared reality that is really a fiction bring so many people together?It might be the story of every institution and belief system. Yellow socks and school rules, all made to be left to hang and be broken, these are the threads that hold us together. What kind[…]

Six Pillars to Persia

It’s starting earlier than I thought. Thursdays 3.30 from 27th More I learn the bigger the subject pans out to be…. Have you ever noticed how deeply work deprives you of your own life? Money, though a great compensation, doesn’t really fill the gap. I got excited when my[…]

Before a holyday

I cant see this, the future. So now will have to do. We have got to play a wireless desk. That’s how I feel, like a central control with no tangible, visible links. Will nature help me/us kick start ourselves out of ‘the blue’ period of disenchanment? Note: when returning[…]

Fed up

Oh, griping jealous one Empty-hearted but for hate and implosive need, Your hideous scratching infiltrates and, Echoes in the void of your tin-pan days And I listen, knowing It is doomed for you – ‘Schoolboy fixation’, ‘Oddity sensation’. No one at a party You never invited anyone to anyway Self-obsessed[…]

Ahhh, a virtual stopping point….

Very good it is too! Thanks to Tom the ambluance worker who I’ve never met, but who reccomended this. When I start worrying about other people’s welfare, which I mostly do, I think: greater things have beeen done with less fuss. At what age had Alexander led his men across[…]