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Noise of the Middle East – Performance

Your drafts folder is a notepad. One I found was this clip taken from the crowd when I performed on stage during a short residency at New York University, Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi. #np on the plaza in front of @NYUADArtsCenter: Noise from the Middle East 2. #nyuad — NYUAD[…]

The Wedding Project – Art Dubai

The Wedding Project forms part of the politics of food programme that has been running at Delfina Foundation for some years now. The theme expands as a wedding project at Art Dubai 2016 where nightly eating and cooking as a performative act are explored. The Mina a’Salam Hotel that are[…]

Performance – An UnMuted Serving, Art Week Dubai

Recently my work has been in collaboration with Christopher Weaver, detailed on our website. Our latest piece is a new performative, electro-acoustic piece titled An UnMuted Serving. After exploring the tonalities and resonances of domestic objects for many years in the UK, we moved to the UAE and recently took part in[…]

An Alternative Geneology of Musique Concrete in Cairo – Ibraaz

El Dabh using tape in 1940s Cairo A series of interviews by myself and Chris Weaver with Halim El Dabh (b.1921), who began using both musique concrete and reel to reel tape for his compositions in Egypt, years before Pierre Schaeffer, the composer that is ordinarily credited to have been[…]

This Week’s Free Lab Radio – Mix by Fari B

Complex movement.  Sound generation. Kinesiology. Meaningful gesturing. Rhythmic synchronisation. Wordlessly communication. Brain synchrony. Rehabilitation and therapy. the magic of mutual gaze. Dance is a Neuroscience A mix by Fari B of the most sonically intriguing dance tunes in this year’s playlist, plus new Nov-Dec releases. Moving through genres and sub-genres[…]

This Week’s Free Lab Radio – Mix by Fari B on ResonanceFM

This week’s Free Lab Radio features Nomine, Om Unit, Robbie Hardkiss Aksak Maboul (Belgian avant-rock band founded in 1977),  De Fantastiske To with their new release Pust, Nasty Ways, Jengi Beats, Jon Kennedy and more. Mix live by Fari B. Broadcasts 11-midnight on 104.4FM across London, online elsewhere. For[…]

Noise of the Middle East Residency – Abu Dhabi

With a live performance tomorrow: Boikutt from Palestine, Yara Mekawei from Egypt and Mutamassik from Italy/Egypt on Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi, capital emirate of the United Arab Emirates. Here’s a preview interview I did with Time Out Abu Dhabi for the festival which includes a residency of exchange with the[…]

Solo Exhibition Opens Tomorrow, London

Close to Karachi – an exhibition of new work by Fari Bradley and Chris Weaver, featuring sound, sculpture, print and found objects. The works are responses by the artists to a month’s residency in Pakistan’s only port, the world’s second most populous city. For their research the artists visited workshops[…]

The Art of Nuisance: Residency and Group Show Oct 8th

With Miss Pokeno’s mask and the instrument of nuisance The art of joyful disobedience! After working in Southwark for the ‘Regeneration’ Department around 2006, I was disillusioned by local councils and their demonstrations of ‘local good will’ while gentrifying areas in the name of profit. So it was great to[…]