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Musicity with Barbican Commission

Musicity have commissioned a sound piece from me for a new cassette release. The compilations is also available as a geo-locational specific app that allows the listener to download and experience the music in situ, complete with the exact reverberations of the space as if the sounds were being played[…]

Circular Landscapes Live in Surround Sound

This Hawksmoor church in Greenwich village played an excellent acoustic host for our live sound performance, Chris Weaver and I played a surround sound set alongside the best artists on experimental music label Linear Obsessional. Greenwich University set up a perfect surround sound system over two floors in this huge[…]

Animal Utterances

(Aspects of a talk given at University of Bristol’s English Literature Department conference Animal Utterances, summer 2017.) As a sound artist, my work is mostly research-based performances, radio broadcasts or installations. For the main, this talk focuses on one research and recording project, working with wildlife in the Kalba mountains,[…]

Greenwich Contemporary Arts Centre

Atchooo! Foley Workshop   After delivering various talk series in the Middle East and London on sound in film, I’ll be examining Rottenberg’s irreverent, uncomfortable and hilarious films and explore the use of foley sound, for a British audience. A short video of the kids creating real-time foley to one[…]

BBCR4 Extra Broadcasts ‘When the Far Becomes Near’

Mine and Chris Weaver’s experimental radio documentary on radio history in the United Arab Emirates goes out across the UK on October 13th on national station BBCR4 Extra. This experimental 4-part series on early radio history in the Gulf region, was produced in Sharjah for the Sharjah Art Foundation 2016[…]

Haus der Kulturen Der Welt, Berlin

The House of World Cultures. Towards the canal, an unusual structure is framed in greenery, and hovers over a still lake adorned with Henry Moore’s 8 + tonne split butterfly titled: Large Divided Oval: Butterfly. The undulating forms of architecture, sculpture and nature seem to suggest that the impossible is[…]

Magazine Article on ‘The Far Becomes Near’

The forthcoming Sharjah issue of Brownbook Magazine features an article I penned on my joint radio artwork ‘The Far Becomes Near‘. These four broadcast experiments are the results of research with Christopher Weaver on our artist’s residency with the Sharjah Art Foundation on the early history of radio in the[…]