Fari Bradley

Sound artist


Au Revoir Works! The Songs Remain.

Three of my works, two electric ones and a textile piece, have gone into private and public collections recently, so I found myself wondering if I’d ever see them again. Certainly the Joni Mitchell-inspired On a Rock Floating Through Space, 2017 I will see in my lifetime, as the not-for-profit[…]

Frieze Week Specials – Resonance104.4FM

  Tonight and for the next four days, Resonance104.4Fm  broadcast a series of programmes I’ve produced discussing   Frieze London, and the many satellite events taking place as  the international art world make a yearly visit to London.   Episodes 1-4 touch on: ‘What has been the changing face of   the fair,[…]

In the Dead of Night, The Reeds Speak of Separation

An extract from my talk at English Literature Department at University of Bristol, 2017, Animal Utterances conference. Discussing a summer spent recording at all times of day in the Sharjah desert and mountains, I play out the sounds of night-caterwauling made by animals both caged in the outdoor wildlife centre,[…]

Venice Pavilion That Contains Neither Artists, Nor Art?

2017 Tunisian pavilion curator at Venice, Lina Lazaar explains her thinking behind a phantom art show, in which would-be Tunisian migrants, who were previously refused entry into Europe, become performers in a public display of contempt for the confines of nationality imposed on us by government documents such as visas.[…]

Oxford Handbooks

Harper’s Bazaar Arabia Commission, 2014. A chapter is coming out on sound in the new Oxford Handbook on Sound Art. Aside from that there are several biennial review articles soon to be published in print, plus a paper for Bristol University’s Animal Utterance conference with Bristol Museum and Art Gallery[…]

Stitches to Save 9 With – Solo Show March 9- April 24th, 2017, The Mine

No (Wo)man’s an Island, 2017. PVC leather, embroidery. Dimensions variable After several years in my practice of experimenting with sculptural forms inside the gallery context, and outside as sculpture or performative gesture in areas of designated ‘public space’, Stitches to Save 9 With at The Mine; a mainly textile series[…]

How do You Fealh? Lying Fallow for a Season.

Question: Is an artist a machine? fal·low (făl′ō) adj. fal′low·ness n. To rest is to gather energy and ideas, does this make you a better human, a better artist? If output is continuous, are you an unthinking machine. It’s a bit of a leap, to let go of continuous action,[…]

So How’d the Year of the Monkey Turn Out for You?

These waves, Emitted not by rhythms, Waves that are if unheeded, utterly silent. A data ocean, in which You buoy yourself,  You embroil yourself, To which you give up Life’s greatest credit,  You give time, These waves in which You swim, only to sink in at the first real news;[…]

Keep Woke

To ‘Keep Calm’ is one thing, to cocoon your mind in self-centred obsession another; your projects your friends your events your circle…your output your income your appearance. This inward turning, a narcissistic echo and webbed mirror we have been sold gives common ground over to those who damage; extremists and[…]