Le Son 7 – Sound Art Exhibition

A body-less exhibition consisting only of commissioned sound pieces showed in both Paris and Buenos Aires in[…]

Video: Talk at HKW, Berlin

This imposing 1960s structure, the House of World Cultures (Haus der Kulturen de Welt) played host to[…]

Completely In The Present?

Film Screening and Panel Iconic filmmaker John Smith and Paul Williams, producer of the astoundingly inspiring documentary[…]

“Agitations – Post-Electronic Sounds” New Album Release

After years of editing and research for the thesis inside our generous CD booklet thesis that it[…]

Hearing on Mute – Solo Show

I’ve developed a series of works around foundational and paradoxical questions in my practice-based PhD research at[…]

Circular Landscapes Live in Surround Sound

This Hawksmoor church in Greenwich village played an excellent acoustic host for our live sound performance, Chris[…]

BBCR4 Extra Broadcasts ‘When the Far Becomes Near’

Chris Weaver and my experimental audio documentary on radio history in the United Arab Emirates goes out[…]

Invisible Symposium – London College of Communications at Iklektik

Walking on Interstices: Tracing the Chora During a residency and symposium at the London College of Communication […]

That Illiterate Woman – Sound Piece

It’s a piece for headphones. Headphones! Which I always avoid. So, it has to be special. I[…]

XYL at Mona Foma, Tasmania

When we walk, we trace land lines traced by those who came before us. How much of[…]