In Person’ is an audio-visual series that examines both the positive and negatives of the extreme isolation of lockdown in retrospect. The anonymised audio-visuals parallel the works’ own digital materiality to the degradation of memory and clarity over transmission and time.

Experimenintgwith audio, and interviewing is a methodology I am well versed in, this time commissioned from collaborators who sent me anonymous audio diaries about what lockdown had meant to their mental health. While working on anonymising them, degrading them until almost unrecognisable and there was a parallel in finding a visual to match the energy of each contributer and degrading that visibility also.

The unexpected positive viewpoints felt controversial, the narrative built by the government and media bodies was echoed by social media, however personal accounts told a different tale. People also took opportunities to heal themselves, and make positives out of the negatives around them.

Overall ‘In Person’ operates within the grey area between good and bad, and is as hyper-personal as lockdown was hyper-local.

See the project and videos here.


You can hear the tracks here on Bandcamp.