Musicity with Barbican Commission

Musicity have commissioned a sound piece from me for a new cassette release. The compilations is also available as a geo-locational specific app that allows the listener to download and experience the music in situ, complete with the exact reverberations of the space as if the sounds were being played live in the space there and then!

In collaboration with the developers Arup, Musicity and The Culture Mile provided the acoustic data to artists for different indoor and outdoor spaces near the Barbican. In July, we will premiere the piece inside the Barbican Centre, and for now the app is available online and the cassette in the Barbican Shop.

I selected Charterhouse because it has been a building in the Barbican area since 1838, purchased during the plague, and then serving as a monastery, private mansion, boys school, and now, for more than 400 years, an almshouse with a public chapel. The Tudor architecture and wood-paneled rooms and chapel provide fantastic setting for feeling the history of the place, and the acoustics. But what touched me the most was the public prayer book in which visitors would make prayer requests. It was not in a hugely prominent place, and one could easily miss the open pages. I’d not seen anything like it and the insights were stunning.

From children requesting prayers for their guinea pigs and ailing grandparents, to calls for the Catalonia people to achieve their independence. Death, poverty, destitution are addressed, and orphans, the lonely those feeling at a loss are remembered, alongside the many personal calls for good wishes through prayer.

Monday 8 Jul, 6pm in the Life Rewired Hub, Barbican.
Fari Bradley   
Commission based at Charterhouse Chapel
Tom Richards
Commission based at Subterranean Spaces (New Museum of London site)

Hear the final track here