BBCR4 Extra Broadcasts ‘When the Far Becomes Near’

‘Sharjah public spaces’. Image by Fari Bradley 2017©.
When the Far Becomes Near. Image Bradley-Weaver ©.

Mine and Chris Weaver’s experimental radio documentary on radio history in the United Arab Emirates goes out across the UK on October 13th on national station BBCR4 Extra.

This experimental 4-part series on early radio history in the Gulf region, was produced in Sharjah for the Sharjah Art Foundation 2016 and went out on Resonance104.4FM and Clocktower Radio, NYC.

The Far Becomes Near is an experimental format radio documentary, and the BBC have selected the episode When the Iron Speaks as part of their own series looking at the changing sounds of radio in London, presented by eminent wildlife recordist, Chris Watson.

Hear all four of the When the Far Becomes Near episodes here.