Playing Cafe Oto, Forthcoming Album – Electro-Acoustic Improv

The improv noise quartet I play with – Oscillatorial Binnage is launching the biography of free improvisor Derek Bailey at Cafe Oto soon. Resonance 104.4FM’s youngest ever broadcaster and son of the author Mordecai Watson will also be playing harmonica at this truly topsy-turvey gig. Where hushed audiences have revered many a sonic don and charlatan alike, we’ll be letting rip with electro acoustics, passionate verbosities and childish antics to celebrate the latest writing of a man writer Ian Sinclair described as indecently decent.

“No panel, no book-reading, just Company-style ad hoc
encounters between the most esemplastic free improvisors and
word-manglers in town

Alan Wilkinson – sax
Oscillatorial Binnage (Fari Bradley, Toby Clarkson, Chris Weaver and Dan Wilson on ‘miraculous devices’)
Peter Baxter – toy drumset
Len Massey – analogue synth
Esther Leslie – merciless critique
T.H.F. Drenching – Dictaphone
Mordecai Watson – harmonica
Liam Massey – photography
Out To Lunch – word jazz
Scarlet Fox – sampler
Michael Bridgewater – mandolin
Gwilly Edmondez – keyboards

This event has been organised by the AMM (Association of Musical Marxists) in conjunction with Verso books and Cafe Oto. The Binnage have been playing a few Association of Musical Marxist events, and are cross pollinating ideas with the collective.  What’s next for The Binnage? We’re recording an album in studios in France next month, with the most amazing new instruments created from woks (yes, woks) by award sonic artist and Binnage member Dan Wilson.

About the book

This outstanding biography of the cult guitar player will
likely cause you to abandon everything you thought you knew about jazz
improvisation, post-punk and the avant-garde. Derek Bailey was at the
top of his profession as a dance band and record-session guitarist when,
in the early 1960s, he began playing an uncompromisingly abstract form
of music. Today his anti-idiom of “Free Improvisation” has become a
touchstone for post-punk noise experimentalists and esemplastic rebels,
all those who disdain the celebrity-for-cash racket, everyone who
doesn’t think the game is finished when you gain a MacArthur “genius”
grant or a gig at the South Bank

Monday 22 July 2013 8pm, £4 on the door.