Navid Nuur at Parasol Unit

Thursday May 2nd I perform with Parstronix for an evening of improvised music in a gallery setting. Traces of Action at Old Street’s Parasol Unit gallery brings together performers of different disciplines to bring the show to life. Parstronix are a loosely-knit group of avant garde performers of Iranian origin, based in London. Our backgrounds resonate with artist Navid Nuur, whose solo show remains on display for a few more weeks only, as he is originally Iranian himself. We’re joined by different acts whose performances are set to merge and interact with the wide range of sculpture and wall-hung works on display. Using these playful sculptures as a score, we will explore the relationship between the inert and the connotative to bring the exhibition into the realm of sound, suggestive as it is of both story and sonics.
This evening event opens Navid Nuur’s show up to a new sense of environment for viewers through performance and interaction.

Parstronix – Sam Fathi on Persian drum

Traces of Action brings together disparate performers working in a range of acoustic
and electronic music-based improvisation, along with subtle participatory spoken interventions.

Premiering new performances is artist Dante Rendle Traynor whose works were previously on show at Parasol Unit. Traynor mixes music, props and visuals in his fittingly experimental lounge band The Golden Boys. Also premiering new words are avant-garde troupe Parstronix who treat the objects in the exhibition as the score to a group piece, interpreting them through improvisation. We are joined by electronic sound artist Jeremy Hubbard who on the night will experiment with peoples innate rhythm in a multi-time signature piece which other performers are invited to interact with. To add to this audio repartee, Lucy Bannister’s  ‘I can see the worlds through the stars…‘ is taking place during the evening, engaging viewers via origami in order to transform personal stories

Navid Nurr at Parasol Unit

 into physical entities and reflecting the show back at them in a thought provoking manner.

Parstronix on May 2nd are: Sam Fathi – Persian daf (drum), Roshi Nasehi -vocals, keys, Armin Firouzabadi – acoustic guitar and Fari Bradley – clarinet, toys and found objects.

Performances start from 7.30pm, more details and directions HERE


You can hear the tracks here on Bandcamp.