DJing – The Sequence 3 Launch

   Sequence 3 Sequence 3 launch event

Wednesday 12th December, 19h, Third Floor
316 – 318 Bethnal Green Road, London E2 0AG

Please come and support by buying a copy of Sequence 3. Event is free
Sequence 3 publication £5 (special launch price on the night)

Our last event of 2012, celebrating
the launch of Sequence 3 which is jam-packed with artist’s pages,
interviews and essays, by Jayne Parker, Bruce McClure, Peter Kennard, A.
L. Rees, Nicky Hamlyn, Joséphine Michel, Neil Henderson, Andrew
Vallance, Nina Power, Esther Leslie, William Raban, Vicky Smith,
Hysteriography, Mareike Bernien and Kerstin Schroedinger, William
English, Gustave Morin. Sequence is edited by Simon Payne.

Before premiering the new publication we’ll be screening films by artist Karel Doing (new member), Jenny Baines ( member) followed by Middle Eastern and electro tunes by Fari Bradley (currently artist in residence on the and Sound and Music Embedded residency programme).


Karel Doing:
The films, performances and installations of Karel Doing (1965,
Canberra, Australia) deal with elusive subjects such as music, rhythm,
poetry, death, history and memory. He works together with composers,
musicians, performers, and dancers. His films relate to the experimental
film tradition and beyond. He combines documentary techniques, found
footage and visual story telling resulting in a style of his own. He
lives and works in Rotterdam and London.

Jenny Baines‘s artistic practice exists in various
forms that are all intrinsically linked by hope and the possibility of
failure. When making films Jenny performs repetitive actions for the
camera, documenting herself carrying out apparently futile yet defiant
physical feats. These actions can seem like a romantic response to, or
an urge to escape from the space in which they are performed. The works
are process based, using the limitations of the equipment or her own
physical endurance as a basis and frame in which to be created. The
performed action and it?s repetition, become an absurd attempt to
achieve a pointless task.

Fari Bradley,
a broadcast freelancer in London, has worked in radio since 2005, and
on cultural events the world over. Her radio show Six Pillars to Persia
is an immense, unfunded research project, documenting the hotchpotch
that is Iran and the diaspora. Her small company Six Pillars promotes
arts and culture outreach to Iran by collaboration with major
international arts bodies. Fari DJs Middle Eastern glitchy electronica
and experimental dance music on arts-radio station Resonance 104.4fm and
is currently artist in residence on the and Sound and Music
Embedded residency programme.