Sound and Film Residency

I begin an exciting Embedded sound and film residency at studios this week.

by the music and sound monolith Sound and Music, I’m currently learning
how to shoot and hand develop 16mm and 8mm cine film. This is in preparation for
my own cine-audio project based on ideas of 1970s Iran-UK relations,
which will take shape for exhibition in February 2013.

So Ive been filming suing the Bolex, in 16mm film which needs the beautifully designed light meter (left) in order to shoot at the right exposure. I love this light meter, if only all design could be as lush, stylish and friendly!

The Bolex below took me by chance into a trimmings shop across the road. After passing the art-deco styled reception I got through to the bowels of the shop, where the shopkeeper told me that we were standing in the first cinema in the UK to screen a Charlie Chaplin film. Find! So far I’ve filmed chickens being blow-torched, men’s hair cut at open barbers, kids running around poles and inside a shambolically retro laundrette where I perchance found a Bolex enthusiast. is a not for profit artist-run organization in Bethnal Green combining film production alongside critical
dialogue about contemporary image making. Their amazingly stocked studios allow for experimentation with all
manner of cine processing such as optical printing.’s bespoke film
equipment is not available anywhere else in the UK.