To do a shit job it helps to be with good people. Entertaining people are easier to find than good people, but either will do for a short term…

It’s at times of such heartfelt appreciation (ok I’m a bit tongue-in-wherever-it-will go) you recall that money isn’t everything you want from work, and since shit jobs don’t give us any esteem or status, then one has to rethink one’s concepts of currencies.

Travelling makes meeting people one such estimable currency.
Having a series of shit jobs really can compare to travelling without going anywhere, kind of having a ‘journey’ in your city, touching other people’s lives in the fluctuation of days that pass.

I’m always thinking how short life is. Some of my friends have really sucked, some have conjured epiphanies, or given me confidence and stayed around, some influence a life but then go off in another direction and you are no longer compatible.

THe trouble with dealing with such currencies is to not try and hold onto them: places or friends, cause you either hold yourself back for their sakes, or you end up feeling bitter about endings. Just as in dealing with money, it’s not much good hoarding it.

So, NEW YEAR AND auld lang syne. Everyone’s been with their families and are feeling a little warm inside, or instead are missing a warmth they instinctively know should be there…? A lot of single people think about not having a partner around christmas, indeed it is statistically a high tide for suicides, the holidays.

I met someone from the s t a t i s t i c s o f f i c e today, at the bus stop.
Since I was mugged on the bus (really nice of those well-dressed black boys to work their ‘thing’ on me, it really woke me up again, and only cost me fifty quid). Since then I’ve determined not to be scared on the same bus journey and now actively promote a talkative atmosphere, a sense of loose community and common law as a way of combatting it.

This kind of interaction probably the only way to improve the setting we all find ourselves in in this day and age, but needs so many people to get involved…

Poster slogan: 'Quality is a right not a privilege'; Addition: 'Clean air is a right'
If you have a bike: try a reclaim the streets protest, it was one of my finer memories of my uni education.

Meanwhile, the possessed Christians above me continue to laugh maniacally and thump around like giants with leaden feet….the statistics office is right near my work, neither I nor the woman who worked there in security could think why such a mundane subject as Public Statistics (even though it is the public who ARE the statistics, it is not statistics FOR them) would have such high security.

All we could think was that the statistics are very valuable, very much confidential, and very desirable. They do say knowledge is power….