Loud Music is not THAT good…

Ive been ranting about neighbours – but really loud music leaves your ears ringing. The doctor told me today: “This ringing in your ears is normal, feedback from the brain to the ear. Try not to be stressed and not to tune in.”

I looked at this man, who doesn’t know me from Adam, nor cares for me any more than he does for Adam. “You are telling me not to be stressed about it, but that it’s essentially my fault that the sound continues. So when I hear the sound I will be blaming myself while trying desperately not to hear it, which should be all means and purposes make me more stressed”.

I did not thank him when I left.

End of February is National Tinnitus Awareness week. I’ll try to get someone to cover it for Resonance.

Meanwhile – 4th Feb is a large bash at Conway Hall in Holborn, to celebrate our five yaer licence, and surviving months of continuous rattling of old bones by tinnitus-inducing (but thankfully transitive) members of the station.