Why are they interesting?

Lesbians are interesting.
Especially pretty ones.
What does it mean? I like them, they are no nonsense, and mostly deep, the ones I’ve met over, what, ten years? Also, I have so much in common with them. Other girls seem so fickle and pathetic in comparison, what have they really explored in thmeselves? One girl tonight told me that her girlfriend – a personal trainer – would ‘lick me into shape’. I really laughed into my glass. These two are not THAT serious.
One of them does some fabulous arts projects. She’s done the SAME ARTS JAUNTS AS ME, but got funding and put her name to them. I was on a limb and did it for myself, but she shares it beyond the act – through documentation.
Meanwhile I work on a speech art-theory. Loud music is good. It keeps the possessed Christians at bay. The future, however, cannot be kept at bay.

No time to think and ruminate,
Or recoil from action and give in to dark windows,
Full of ‘what might happen’,
End up with nothing really,
These commitments are suffocating – in that
I did not choose them
As much as they chose me.