Utopia? Seeing is Believing

The Daily Telegraph has published a 25 page booklet on Prince Charles’s 15 year project with major businesses to change the way businesses run and make them responsible for their communities.

The booklet shows us – because otherwise we would not be able to believe – that it has indeed worked. 70 of the 100 TOP FTSE businesses are involved in what Prince Charles has proved to them is a profitable scheme: giving training and work placements to the homeless, getting their workers to volunteer an hour weekly to hearing children read, studying with muslim youths….and he did this via his own method of learning: visiting and seeing for himself. 450 workers from a top business gave 45,000 children reading tuition for free.

Could you ever believe that might happen? Only if you had ever entertained a thought about utopia, probably.

cool. He read a story on jackanory once – I loved him

/he cheated on diana – I hated him

/he spoke about the environment and ethics – he seemed better

/how can one not approve of this?

more on his efforts later