Christmas is…

Xmas is devoid of meaning? A NEW deity (and doesn’t new always mean best?>) – father X- mas, with his vehicles: Prancer and Rudolf, have taken over from Jesus on a donkey, or any of the wise men on camels….

So we let commercialism wipe out the ancient story of a significant birth? There is a roadside sign in Jordan:

Jesus was baptised 75 miles fom

Is that less believable than the signs in Lambeth saying:

Charlie Chaplin lived in this house
Giving things of monetary value now fills our minds at Xmas, rather than Jesus’s message of Forgiving.
Fine to send letters to fictional Santa but to send prayers up to a possibly fictional god? Christmas is being edged out of the American end-of-year culture, I read that people now are expected to say “Happy Holidays” so as not to offend. Is PC sickness: so rife we can’t even see it…..