Infotainment? Or tardy interest by the apathetic majority?

After Nicholas Cage’s attempt at topicality in ‘Lord of
What’, sorry ‘Lord of War’ (see here), the US of A has
come up with another film that makes you wonder if
the A has always stood for Asses.

But at least they are thinking about it.

‘Syriana’ seems like your ordinary cheesey opportunist American film that makes big dollars out of our spam-head cinema-goers paying £7 a head for something that won’t even stimulate theirs. However, it has spawned this thought echoing around millions of American heads:
“GEE! Since it’s now in a FILM, perhaps what theyTRUE!” have been saying on the news is actually TRUE?!”

Witness the thoughts of canned-meat-chompers online:
Participate in oil change

And the trailer’s canned chocolate sexy woman’s voice tells it all at the opening: “Imagine if 30% of Americans were unable to heat their homes, imagine if gasoline were $20 at the pump”.

Is that the limit of their understanding?

Well – if it takes a George Clooney in a beard to put a taste of reality on those Clinique lips and reach for their chardonnay-numbed brains via their nip-tucked eyelids – then so be it.

Though it makes me sick, I am a total hypocrite and no better than anyone else, so I will probably watch the film and reccommend it to any of the comfortable hordes who still drive to work and use plastic in every facet of their factory-produced lives who’ll lend me their attention for a moment.

Ahh, I don’t normally rant. Forgive me, and thanks for lending me yours….